tuesday's top 12: everything for the garden

April 20, 2010

Ever since the weather started improving it seems all I want to do is dig in the dirt. I even enjoy weeding (a mindless self-indulgence) and have challenged this year's dandelions to a chemical-free high-stakes stand-off. So far I'm winning but those suckers can be very persistent.

Here's my top 12 for the garden--a mix of things I'm vouching and pining for.
1) A garden journal. I've been stashing all of my receipts, plant stakes and tear sheets to stick in a garden book. I'm also planning on mapping out a little sun/shade guide for different times of the day--each month. Let's see if I accomplish that goal.
2) A miniature garden. This is on my list of things to do this summer. I have the perfect spot on the side of my house that would be well-suited for a shade garden with lillies-of-the-valley, hostas, moss, ferns and some itsy, bitsy, teeny-tiny furnishings. I can't resist.
3) I'll be honest, when I bookmarked this piece from mudpuppy, I wasn't sure if it was a bird house, bird feeder or just decorative. I just knew that it would make me happy to look at every day from my porch.
4) Rubber boots. I have a pair of navy blue Hunters, some cut-off overalls and a cute garden tote from (now defunct) Smith and Hawken. Just like new running shoes make you want to run...
5) A really nice wind chime is also on my list of "pining for" things for the garden. The quintessential sounds of summer for me are wind chimes, frogs, crickets and cicadas: nature's orchestra.
6) Inspiration! When I'm planning on doing some moving around/planting, I love to go to my favorite spots for ideas. This image is of Allen Centennial Gardens in Madison. To date it is one of the prettiest gardens I have ever seen.
7) Rain barrels. One more thing on my list of gardening "needs." These aren't your grandmother's rain barrels, either, they are nicely camouflaged. If you're going to buy plants that need watering, you can't deny the "green" benefits of using rain water.
8) I mean how cute are these vintage silverware garden markers? They would make me smile with every pluck.
9) I wish I could show you the pretty picture of the $25.00 Hable Construction gardening gloves but the truth is, these $5.00 Atlas Gloves are the best around. True work-horses.
10) Another place I go for inspiration: Olbrich Botanic Gardens in Madison. Named one of the top 10 most inspiring gardens in America by Horticulture Mag, and it's free!
11) We own two compost bins but don't turn or water them regularly enough. I think we'll be switching over to a tumbler this year.
12) I don't love a lot of garden "tchotchkes" but these little mushrooms from LittleVale would look sweet placed sparingly, don't you think?

What's on your list of gardening must-have's? I'd love to hear, but if you'll excuse me--I have a date with my dandelion digger.


Sharon said...

Here is a post I did about my gardening dreams and how growing our food impacts our soul. There is a Free Gardening Coloring Page for kids in the post!


Seth Le said...

great photos. i wish the weather here is as beautiful as it sounds like it is there katie. i'm just going to wait onto the fall for any new improvements to my backyard. keep up the great work!

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