my mother's day

May 10, 2010

A happy (belated) day to all the mommies out there. Though I don't have much to judge this one by (I've had only 2 so far) I can say with assurance that this will go down as one of the best Mother's Days ever. My main request was time which is funny because I used to think moms who said that were totally lying and/or lame but now I know it really is the best gift.
This is what my day looked like:
- My favorite breakfast: homemade herb-scrambled eggs with chevre over wheat toast AND the toast was done right when the eggs finished--I'm kinda picky about that. The herbs were plucked from my new little garden and chopped with the sharpest knife I have ever known, my husband spent a good 5 minutes sharpening it that morning.
- A trip to one of my favorite little gardens in the world: Allen Centennial on the UW campus.
- Gardening/yardwork. Admittedly, I picked and arranged the above posy myself.
- A trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo.
- Playing at the park.
- My favorite easy dinner: a carry-out black bean burger from Bluephies.
- Gail Ambrosius chocolates for desert.
- The night ended with me deciding to "freshen up" our sink with some lime in the garbage disposal, cut with afore mentioned super-sharp knife which slipped and sliced my finger nearly in two. The next hour was spent with the mister and I taking turns nearly passing out and deciding whether or not it needed a stitch or two. We decided it probably did need the stitch but because of my strong aversion to hospitals I decided to forego it and deal with the scar. At the very least, it will be a subtle reminder of my favorite Mother's Day ever (to date).

Image credit: me.


Cyn said...

First, those blossoms are gorgeous. What a beautiful bouquet you grew, created and photographed.

Second, I hope you heal well. To have a scar that reminds you of an almost perfect day is funny and wonderful!

Claire Quilter said...

Your egg photo is beautiful. And I agree with you on the garden. It is one of my favorite spots. I'm missing Madison now!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - what a wonderful day - until the end! You made me a bit sick to my stomach...hope all ends up ok!

Art Wall Katie said...

Cyn- thank you!
Claire, I didn't know you had roots in Madison, how fun!
Candy- I'm doing just fine :)

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