tuesday's top 12: april showers and may flowers

May 04, 2010

Happy May, everyone! May is my 2nd favorite month of the year next to June so I was really excited to flip the calendar this month. Up today are my picks for showers and flowers. Enjoy!
1) My Red Umbrella Print, $20.00, Caramba
2) Magnolia Fine Art Photographic Print, $35.00, Jennifer Squires
3) Delicate Fine Art Photograph, $35.00, HeyZee
4) Grass Fine Art Photograph, $25.00, Sweet Eventide

5) Magnolia's in Bloom Fine Art Photograph, $25.00, Sweet Eventide
6) Rain Cloud, $18.50, Almapottery
7) English Summer Necklace, $14.50, TheMagpie'sDaughter
8) Garden of Live Flowers, $20.00, Corella Illustration

9) Monseur Hulot Print, $85.00, Matteart
10) Lovely Fine Art Photograph, $35.00, HeyZee
12) Galoshes and Skirt Print, Jen Hewett $25.00,


Kelly Irene said...

beatiful! I like the red umbrella print up top.

one sydney road said...

Great picks - I have to say that my fave is the galoshes print - adorable!

Zee Longenecker said...

I just saw it on FB! Wonderful surprise!

Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

i love your pairings here katie - really beautiful and unique. some of my favorite artists here!

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