art wall's porch is live

June 14, 2010

Just in time for summer, the porch is complete. Please click around and, oh, I hope you'll be forgiving if you see any mistakes in the posts, I finished up at 1:30am after merry-making a little too much on Sunday.


Sarah Wade said...

I just came across your website today - this is such a great concept. A really lovely site!

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Gorgeous summery colour collection Katie! Another wall well done!

jessica swift said...

It looks so good, Katie!! I love that image of the person diving into the pool at the top right.

jacqueline said...

WOW it looks really great sweet katie! I am loving these collection! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

donna mckenzie said...

Love the Porch! I never get tired of looking at all of the rooms!
Art Wall is such a great concept. I love that my work is in the
nursery! Great job Katie and of course Jessica!

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