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June 21, 2010

Happy Monday to you! How was your Father's day? I realize that not everyone celebrates this holiday but most of us either have a husband, father, or grandfather who does. It's funny, I never realized this before I became a parent but this day of celebration for the fathers is also a special one for their wives.

One of the most special things about having a child has been seeing my husband become a father. I love to see him excited about some new thing that little "P" has done, eaten or said. I cherish finding bits and pieces of his alone time with her: a video on the recorder, pictures left in the camera or little notes of new words, fever temps and Tylenol doses scattered here and there. There are things he teaches her that I never would or could, like how to strum a guitar with a pick, say "hieeeyah" as she karate kicks the air or hit golf balls with a full-sized club. His mother thinks little girls get a lot of their self-esteem from their fathers. I think she might be on to something there.

My own dad was a University Professor before he retired. He never taught me much about sports or guitar-strumming but he taught me about the world, how to look at things from alternate perspectives, be a critical thinker and never stop learning. He taught me how to write and (more importantly) to edit--which I'm still learning, how to be generous and how to have integrity. I'm still learning about those last few too.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful day.



emily b said...

Well said! I love the part about "watching your husband become a father". It is so true. It makes me love him more. Thanks for sharing! -e

Rachel said...


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