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June 02, 2010

As I mentioned in my Memorial Day post, I saw the summer chick flick Sex and the City 2 with a group of girlfriends last week. There were so many beautiful things to look at between the fashion, the characters, the cities, and the decor, it was almost too much to take in with just one viewing. Of all the eye candy, this image was the one that stood out most to me--that mirror! In my attempt to find it (a failed attempt, btw) I did a little more searching and put together a fun re-creation of the vignette.

What do you think? I couldn't find anything remotely close to the domed butterfly piece, so I thought Carrie might go for an upscale terrarium instead. I actually did find a pretty blue glass bottle/vase, but the image wasn't usable in the Polyvore clip. I'm still dying to know where the original mirror is from. Anyone have a tip for me?

Sex and the city image: Warner Bros.
Re-creation piece: sources via Polyvore.


Jillian Frances said...

Love that mirror! I didn't see the movie, but I think the butterfly dome could be a cool DIY. In fact, I think I'd like it even better with a more casual style dome.

Anonymous said...

OK - I'm gonna display my complete ignorance here! I've never watched an episode or the movie all the way thru, but saw snippets of the show when it was on and watched the last 30 minutes or so of the 1st movie on cable a couple of weeks ago. I have already confirmed my ignorance of all things fashion, so I have a question: Is Carrie supposed to look awkward and ugly, or is what she's wearing the height of fashion? I really can't tell! ;-)
That mirror is fab and you did a great job finding one with similar feel...and I just LOVE the blue of that butterfly!

Art Wall Katie said...

Ha! I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be at the height of fashion. It's not for everyone, there are definitely things she wears that I don't like or think look good on her but for the most part, she rocks it. If you don't love the clothes, the city and the apartments are nearly as much fun to take in.

Sarah said...

LOVE the entry -- that wallpaper! Your version is pretty darn close! The crocodile hat box is smashing -- in my favorite color too!

so sad I missed the movie outing ... if you want to see it again, let me know! xoxo

shoppingsmycardio said...

i'd say you nailed it! the console table is my favorite...i have to know where you found it!

Art Wall Katie said...

Thanks, Becki- The links are all in polyvore (see bottom of post) Here's the direct link to the console.

one sydney road said...

Wow, great job with this - love how you pulled the whole thing together! The entry is so fabulous!! (and I love those terrariums :)!

Lori said...

I haven't seen this yet but it's on my 'to-do' list! :-) The entry way is so beautiful! I have to say it wouldn't be as pretty if it wasn't for that wallpaper. And then the mirror. :-) You did a good job recreating it!

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