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June 07, 2010

Hi there. How was your weekend? I spent my days doing mommy-daughter things (my husband was on a boys weekend) and generally enjoying my sweet P. in her two-year-old glory. Her naps and my nights were devoted to working on the New Art Wall page: the porch. You may or may not have noticed that it didn't go up today. I'm waiting on a few things from the artists before I can hit "publish." Hopefully, next Monday will be a go.

I also found this "Help the Gulf Coast" shop this weekend. I don't usually talk about anything sad, gloomy or bad on this blog, but helping to raise funds seemed important enough to do so.

I've hardly been able to bring myself to listen to or read about this oil spill for fear my heart would break in two, but this weekend it snuck up on me--into my eyes and ears and right down to my heart in a very heavy way. There's a very different feeling for me with this disater. Different than Katrina, Haiti, the Tsunami or any other crazy natural disaster we've had in the last decade. This one brings with it a tremendous personal guilt because it is man-made, and although I didn't have anything to do with the drilling or the leak itself, I am still pumping my cars with gas every week and, well, it's just a different kind of sad this time around.

This shop was put together to help the coast recover from the massive spill. Each seller has donated their items so that 100% of the porceeds, minus nominal fees, will be donated. Half will go to the Oxfam America, and the other half will go to the American Bird Conservancy. I've featured a few of my favorites from the shop. From top left: 1) Alicia Bock 2) Freshie and Zero 3) Plasticpumpkin 4) Photosbychipperfield 5) HeyHarriett 6) Amy Perrotti

If you sell something, and you're interested in donating an item for this shop, check out the donation guidelines.

For other ways you can help the coast, click here.


Laura said...

A thought provoking post, and you're right, this disaster makes us take a look at ourselfs because of the vulnrability of these animals. I'm off to check out the site, and looking forward to your new porch selection :)

Amy Perrotti said...

Hi, Thank you for doing this post about the shop and including my "Orca Girl" print. My Grandparents lived on an island in the gulf and I spent many a vacation there as a child. The Gulf is so beautiful and full of wildlife. It makes me very sad too.

I'm interested in seeing your new porch section. I'm off now to check out the rest of your blog. :)

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