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July 30, 2010

I don't know how I can continue this blog any longer without doing a craigslist post. Craig has really come in handy with my own home decorating, I got my vanity, my entry chest, buffet, living room chairs and bedside tables through the free website. I'm having a Craig moment today especially because I'm leaving at 3:00 to go pick up the inspiration for my sweet P's big-girl room. She doesn't need a rocking chair anymore but she does need a place to sit so how could I pass up this find for $100? Now, I don't check Craig's every day, I probably don't even check it every week but when I do go there, I have a plan. It's almost painful, strike that, it is painful clicking through all of the offerings. Seriously, unless Craig upgrades to some sort of gallery-style listings and user feedback, I really think that Facebook Marketplace or Ebay Classifieds will soon take over.

The Search: Until the website gets re-vamped, I use a list keywords such as: bamboo, regency, pink, bentwood, bistro, velvet, louis, file, map, marble, lucite, murano, tulip, spun fiberglass, cane....the list is pretty long depending on what my current obsession is. I read a post recently on AshleyG's blog: Kitty Genius about how she uses Craigs. She's much more dedicated than I am, and seems to have more of a system for success, but I did steal a few of her keywords (pink and velvet) to find my beloved chair above.

The Safety: In my "I'm interested" email, I try hard not to sound like a complete paranoid freak but I always ask to meet in a public place, hopefully with an ATM so I don't have to be walking around with a big fat wad in my pocket. I say in the email that I can run in and get money so that they know I won't be carrying any. Seriously, I swear I don't come off like a freak. For the most part, people seem to appreciate my caution and if they don't, I count that as a sign that they are up to no good. You can also try to google the person to see if anything fishy comes up. Safety first, my friends.

Alright I'm off, I actually don't have the best feeling about this one because it took the seller about a week to get back to me after my first email. Wish me luck!


emily b said...

That's a great tip - meeting near an ATM. I had an incident earlier this summer when my wallet got stolen with the $200 I had for my craigslist transaction. That was an awful day.

Love the chair! You have a lucky daughter!

Marcy said...

try this:

you download it to the toolbar of your browser (didn't work in chrome for me, but did with safari) -- do a search on craigs, hit the button, and it shows you all of the images for each listing!


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