inspired design: bleed effect

August 04, 2010

I've been itching to paint something lately and although I really need to give my kitchen and dining nook walls a proper 2nd coat, what I really want to paint is something a little more fun, like my 2nd floor linen closet.

I really like the bleed-effect of this star on the door of Fleet's Landing Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. I took this photograph for inspiration about 5 years ago during vacation and it popped into my mind recently when I considered the hall closet. The whole restaurant has a very cool updated-nautical vibe and is well-known for the wall of life-preservers. Life preservers as decor? Sounds weird, looks good--trust me.

I'm thinking I might reverse the color-scheme to dark on light because the closet is in a poorly-lit hallway and could use some brightening-up. The motif could also work on a dresser I have which is already painted white. Maybe I'll just start painting partial stars all over my walls and furniture and see what works. Stars, stars, everywhere!



Sarah said...

Really like this, but I love star motifs (as you know) -- modern and timeless at the same time. fun too!

Linz said...

man, i never go that bold in my decor, but i need to be fearless too! what a great idea!

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