tuesday's top 12: arrows

August 10, 2010

Since it's nearly halfway to next Valentine's day, I thought arrows might be a nice theme for this week's top 12. I think they're so cute. Here's my favorite 12:

1) Lot of 12 Vintage Yellow Arrows, $65.00, MonkiVintage
2) Crossed Arrows Crest Necklace, $95.00, Supermarket
3) Arrow Ring, $24.00, Supermarket
4) Archer Print, $12.00, JessRae888
5) Pastel Arrows Set of 6, $45.00, Verlaivans
6) Arrow Clips, $5.75, Susy Jack

7) Lines and Arrows Pillow, $45.00, BeStillShop
8) Struck Poster, $30.00, Lovelandmisc
9) Arrow Necklace, $30.00, Verabel
10) We Were Victorious Often Polaroid Transfer Print, $25.00, The Black Spot Books
11) Nottingham Owl Personal Custom Notes, $16.00, Pearl Marmalade
12) Postal Service Bow and Arrow, $16.95, Star500


Jessica said...


I had forgotten about that ring, I think it is fantastic...

Sarah said...

I covet anything from bestillshop. that pillow is now on my list! What a fun top 12.

SimaG Jewelry said...

B E A U T I F U L !!!!!
Thank you for sharing,LOVE it all!

*i found your blog from etsy today*

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