art wall fix from cathy cullis

September 03, 2010

What an interesting display from artist Cathy Cullis. Cathy is a mixed-media artist and poet living and working in Surrey, England. This image is of Cathy's living room, My favorite are the spools and especially the little black string hanging down. Strike that, my favorite part is the artwork, the spools are second. Much of the artwork pictured is Cathy's, including the bunny doll and the images beneath the spools and pitcher. To see all of the artists, visit the image on flickr. In addition to her Big Cartel shop, Cathy also authors a blog.


brittany said...

this is really wonderful. i love the work and the simple black and white frames

lauren carney said...

oh what a fine display!
i enjoy the rather dee-lite-ful pictures your splendid blog!
keep up the wonderful posts!

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