a new week, a new season

September 20, 2010

Hi there, how was your weekend? Autmn has unofficially started here in the Midwest and I am embracing it this year more than ever. Although summer will have my heart forever, I was much less tolerant of the humidity and heat recently than in years passed, maybe I'm getting old and grumpy. In my defense, we also had one of the buggiest (read: skeeters) summers in known history--why do they even exist?

We did our first fall family activity on Sunday which was apple-picking and cider-drinking at the cutest orchard just outside of Madison. I also made homemade apple sauce for the first time in my life with a real vanilla bean to boot (yay me!)

Having a toddler to entertain has really brought back the inner-child in me. I forgot how much I liked to color with crayons, watch cartoons, sing and dance around the house after dinner, and pick apples.



emily b said...

Sounds lovely! Can't wait to go apple pickin'.

Jill said...

Kids do bring out our inner child and what a gift!! I was piddling outside last night with some projects and dang if those skeeters weren't still around. UUUHHHGG! They were terrible this year.

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