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September 30, 2010

I'm starting a new column here at Art Wall to keep me inspired. I like regular columns because they are clear taskes to keep me focused. I really like putting elements of a room together in 2-D so I thought I'd design a room around an art piece.

This room is inspired by Hikirik's Live What You Love letterpress piece. My favorite of Hikiri's pieces are the large poster-sized pieces but I was more inspired by the baby blue color in the smaller print for today's room. I found fun pillows that coordinated color-wise and went from there. This room is designed for a fun young family that needs a dark colored couch but didn't want to settle for brown. The pillows had lots of great colors to work with so I kept the color palette open, which can be harder to pull off but makes for a more unique and eclectic room.

1) I'm really into navy right now. This Crate and Barrel sofa is a great investment at $1,269.00
2) I've been obsessed with this trellis/lattice print for the last five years. I saw it first by designer Lulu DK (at about $100/yard) and spotted a very similar pattern on a great quality fabric here for $9.99/yard. I would use this to make drapes. (estimate: 4 panels @ 5 yards per= $200.00) Side note: I used this fabric for (lined) drapes in my own home and found the quality/weight perfect for this use.
3) Although I left these pillows out of my top 12 list from yesterday, I really love this pattern and all the colors gave me a lot to work with in the room. $185.00/pair.
4) I adore pairs of vintage chairs in a room. They make things interesting and these chairs definitely shake things up a bit and add some pizazz. These are a splurge at $1995/2 but could be used as inspiration to find something local with a similar feel that would be easier on the pocketbook.
5) This little accent table for $99.95 would ease the pain of the budget-buster chairs a bit.
6) Another penny-pincher, an 8x10 West Elm rug for $495.00 in the best pattern.
7) For a mantle or shelf (to keep away from little hands) these ginger jars are nicely priced at $39.48.
8) I've always loved the CB2 Peekaboo clear coffee table. Not as hard (or sharp) as glass, and without any sharp corners. Perfect for little guys to run around safely. $249.00
9) I would never stop at just 2 pillows and would love to keep going after three, but for the sake of time and coding, I picked this chartreuse printed pillow to bring out the green in the dragons. $55.00.
Grand total with chairs: $4599.93, without chairs: $2604.93.



Lori said...

Love this room! Especially the letterpress piece! Great job!!!

Sarah said...

amazing; I love everything and am also semi-obsessed with navy now too. Maybe I'll use this concept in our new house!

Jamie Miller said...

I love the combination - yellow/gray/white is what I'm drawn to these days so I love the pillows, coffee table, vases. Do they make that sofa in Gray ?

SimaG Jewelry said...

{B E A U T I F U L}
I love it all!

:thank you for sharing:

Katie*Belle said...

What a great idea! And I love this room. Color, pattern, fun -- yes, yes, yes.

annamaria potamiti said...

Love the letterpress piece- and I also think the idea of regular columns is very clever. I want to do the same for my blog. Have fun. Thanks for sharing all these lovelies!X

Stickerbiz said...

That would make a fantastic vinyl wall quote!

Wall Coverings said...

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