my no-cost studio makeover

November 16, 2010

I cleaned up my studio for the first time in probably 4 or 5 months on Monday. It was a slow burn over the months from good to bad to worse to pretty-much unusable. Here are the before pictures...

Ugh, it looks like an episode of hoarders, doesn't it? Really, I didn't care how it looked, it's basically a storage closet attached to my bedroom so nobody sees it but me and the mister. I cared how it made me feel, stepping foot in there: completely zapped and devoid of any inspiration or gusto. I also kept buying things I knew I already had. Someone's birthday coming up? No idea where my birthday cards are so I'll just buy a dumb card at Target. Glue stick? I'm sure I have one somewhere but I might as well get a new one and save myself the terror of looking for it. Bad. I had no plans to clean it on Monday, my intentions were to start my Christmas card project but then I couldn't find anything I needed and the clean-up ensued. The after:

Ta da! I know it's not Martha Stewart/Real Simple organized with lots of pretty boxes and expensive matching storage options, just boring plastic bins, but everything is neatly labeled and organized and I am feeling super-inspired. I started the X-mas card project right away (you can see evidence of this above) and I actually finished three other project I've had on my list for too long. I'll share them later.


emily b said...

Yay! That must feel awesome. Good luck with the Christmas card project!

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Fantastic! My office could go for a makeover too.

Jillian said...

I totally empathize. My studio is just a disaster area. I am really good at purging...everything but craft supplies. I have two bins full of stuff that have moved with me three times - and I've barely opened them. Good job on getting organized! It's so much easier for me to be creative in a clean and orderly space.

minitoko said...

it totally is worthed. Good job ! Your lanterns are just so beautiful.

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