start with art, nursery inspiration: paper sparrow's mushroom city

February 22, 2011

Okay, I know, all this nursery obsession has got to stop. I'm so focused on getting my kids rooms finished (I think that's the first time I've ever referred to my 2-year old and my unborn boy as my kids) I can't think of anything else. This nursery is made for a little girl, but it's not precious, it has bright pink red and turquoise as the main colors, I'm not much of a fan of pastels for the nursery. The artwork I started with is Mushroom City by Papersparrow. It's one of my favorites from her collection.

1) Mushroom City, Papersparrow
3) Medium Birdhouse #4, $175.00, Tamar Modendorff
4) Confetti Mobile, $75.00, Frasier and Wing
5) Pagoda Chandelier, $695.00, Jayson Home and Garden
6) Turquoise Baby Bedding, Carousel Design

7) Dusty Pink Allium (fabric for drapes), price upon request, Hable Construction
8) 20x20 Big Beads Pillow, $90.00, Hable Construction
9) Rattan Hanging Chair, $450.00, Gore Dean
10) Summer Trellis Hooked Rug, $450.00, Shades ff Light
11) Ceramic Owl Lamp, $55.00, FruitFlyPie
12) Flower Garland, $57.00 EmmaLamb


Metal Wall Art said...

A perfect match isn't always the best wall color choice so allow at least one of the sample boards to be an imperfect match. It just might be the spark that gives your room that non-formulated designer look.

Sarah said...

Love it ... I'm totally into mushrooms and thinking of doing a 'woodland' theme in our nursery ... thanks for the great ideas! I love the color scheme you picked; so cheery.

Plumbing said...

All these stuffs are perfect for a little girl's room. And even the colors used are so alive and such a very eye candy at first glimpse. If a room would have these things i guess the one who will sleep in there will sleep forever.

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