tuesday's top 12: spring things

March 15, 2011

This break in the cold is getting me so excited for spring. I can hear it, smell it and tonight, I tasted it (yummy fresh asparagus.) Here's 12 things I'm looking forward to this season:

1) Spring wreaths. This one is $50.00, by SaffronFields.
2) Easter eggs. Image
3) Spring gardens. Image
4) Opening up the windows. This photograph is available for $8.00, PublicBookStore.

5) Birds chirping image. 8x10 print, $30, NatureMandalas.
6) Flowering branches. 8x12 print, $40, HeyZee.
7) Ranunculus, my favorite flower, is available at the grocery store for a song. 8x12 print, $40, HeyZee.
8) Longer days!! Good Day Sunshine Print, $15, Colorbee.

9) Being able to make a posey from my own back yard. Image: Katie Stephenson
10) Green grass. This is wheat grass though, which I also love in the spring..planting some tomorrow. Image: Katie Stephenson
11) Delicious fresh asparagus at the grocery. Image
12) I really do like spring cleaning. Image

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Candied Fabrics said...

Oh, so pretty! Lovely, fresh and springy!

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