diy wrapped rope necklace

May 14, 2012

Several months ago, I became obsessed with a certain very expensive wrapped rope necklace.  I don't really feel right showing the particular brand I hacked because it is an original design, I didn't use all the same materials, so it's not an exact copy.  If you're crafty, the coveted necklace is somewhere in my pinterest, probably in the style section.  I actually waited to post this because I felt a bit bad about hacking it at first but then I saw a million other D.I.Y's, and some knock-off brands online so I didn't feel so bad.  The original necklaces are in the $200-$500 range, and I'll admit this is definitely a step down BUT, it was a super easy, fun, inexpensive and rewarding project.  I got the rope from the hardware store, and while I was there also found these brass "sleeves" used for plumbing projects.  There are different sizes of rope and sleeves so make sure you get 2 that work together, the sleeves should fit snugly just over the rope.

Picking out the embroidery thread was the hardest part, I stood at the craft store for probably an hour putting different colors together, putting some back, taking more, putting more back, taking more, it's really easy for me to second-guess myself but I am happy with the combo I came up with.    I made a necklace that can be worn long or shorter, so that I wouldn't have to make a clasp.  The first step is putting the brass sleeves on the rope and attaching the ends together.  I actually "burned" the ends of the rope then stuck them together using tinfoil to kindof smash it so I wouldn't burn my hands.  Where the melon color meets the white you can see a larger "bump" where the seam is (below.)  The next step would probably be planning for you type A's but I just went to town wrapping my necklace with the embroidery thread and switched colors as I pleased, tying knots under the brass sleeves.  I love the texture that the rope gave the necklace, that wasn't planned but was a happy accident.
Sorry, describing processes is not my forte but anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them in the comments section.  Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see!



Unknown said...

So easy and fun, on to my DIY list it goes!
Cathy @ Room Rx

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed this, necklace is looking beautiful, you are really great crafty, that is not great matter wherever you have get this idea, i just want to say thanks for sharing with us this fetching necklace pictures and also for the making tutorial.
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Metal Wall Art said...

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International Decor said...

thanks about this topic :)

Unknown said...

Wow, simply great necklace wrapped rope with beautiful pink and blue shade amazing enough to take our breath out. its real pleasure to get such kind of jewels for my fiances.

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Christy Logan said...

Great accessories.They really look good. They resemble the accessories that people wore in the early days.

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