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November 19, 2009

Four things on my mind lately:

1) Loeffler Randall's Cale Mid-shaft Boots with Buckles -must wait for these to, ahem, go on sale. 99% off would be fab.
2) Wunderlust's "Not Your Granny's Bunting" -I admit it, I love anything that has to do with banners, buntings, garland...anything you can hang from the ceiling, really. They come in all different colors, but I thought this gold color would be swell for the holidays. Festive!
3) Madeline Weinrib's rugs - all of them, really, and sized 9x12', thank you! I spent way too much time trying to find these for sale online last night to no avail.
4) Anything Willie Nelson -how could you not love a man that wears 2 long braids and trucker caps? I adore him.



Unknown said...

Hi Katie! Love the boots! I am also a big fan of the whole collection of Madeline Weinrib rugs. I think each room in my new, old house needs one! I highly recommend going to see them on the top floor of ABC Carpet and Home if you are in NY anytime soon. I spent about an hour last time I was there wishing for all of them! Caroline's room is now painted (she chose pink!) and I plan to buy some prints from your art wall artists for her walls! See you soon!
Mary :)

Art Wall Katie said...

Mary, this is hilarious. I'm actually in NYC right now and headed over to ABC today. I can't wait to see Caroline's room in your new old house. Did you ever take a picture of her sweet art wall from Doty Street?

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