new year's eve prep

December 28, 2009

Poor New Year's Eve, I feel sorry for it sometimes, it doesn't get a lick of publicity until after Christmas is over. Little ol' New Years gets 6 teeny tiny days of hype, right as the world is kinda hyped-out. This year, we're going to a friend's dinner party to play games, drink Champagne (which is my drink of choice any night of the year) and have a carpet picnic all night long. I'm in charge of table decor and favors so I've been on the hunt for festive party crackers. This pretty yellow/black/silver number I found on Etsy might fit the bill. I'm such a sucker, I stuck it above the other handmade options 'cause it has a prettier picture. I could always try to make them myself, but after the madness of last week, I'm a little spent. Amazon has some that aren't quite as pretty but could be dressed up with some paper scraps, pretty ribbons and other fancy bits I have laying around. At any rate, some combination of the above 3 will be made/purchased/doctored up. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

You know Mrs. Claus would shop the after Christmas sales and make do with what was left over from the Big Holiday. Maybe cover up the Christmas with a little shine from birthday wrap or ribbon. This would help the merchants get rid of leftovers and bring out your creativity.

Have fun!!!

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