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January 13, 2010

Speaking of magazines, I was devastated when this one was cancelled. I own and continuously browse every single issue. This is one of my favorite images of all (Domino) time. I love how it seems symmetrical and "not" at the same time. The fact that the photo was taken through those Bertoia chairs is the icing on the cupcake. Genius.
Image: Domino Magazine via The Estate of Things on Flickr


Null said...

I actually appreciate this photo more now that you pointed out the asymmetry. The palette is so pristine, but its a pleasure (mostly psychologically) for me to know that pictures, balance can be askew and still look pulled together. As an aside, I have never been a fan of pairs; rather, I like the odd number of objects as it feels more organic.

Did you notice that the picture in the back mimics the Bertoia hatching? They build on each other.

marissa moss said...

i was so sad when domino went kapoot! i still can`t believe it didn`t last... i thought everyone loved it as much as i did. :(

love this image though... and love hearing your comments on it.

Art Wall Katie said...

Lydia- I did NOT notice that would ;) I did notice that the top left appears to be what I think is a carved sling-shot? Would love to know what that yellow piece is too--top right. Marissa- I think everyone loved it, it was a fantastic magazine. I understand the power of the 'net is causing advertisers to be more stingy with their publication sad but the advertising is really what keeps publications afloat, not the subscribers.

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