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January 11, 2010

I had so much fun putting the last 2 Valentine-inspired collages together that I just couldn't stop there. This last (for now anyway) assortment is still composed of Art Wall artists and still composed of love. From top left to bottom right: 1) Spring Blooms Nature Print, $28.00 USD, NatureMandelas 2) The Wait Original Mixed-Media Painting, $250.00 USD, MicheleMaule 3) Do All Things With Love Customizable Print, $30.00 USD, Vol25 4) Quiet Evenings Print, $18.00 USD, Jess Gonacha Swift 5) Magnolia Bud Original Drawing with Collage, $225.00USD, Rachel Robertson 6) Love is Magical Print, $20.00, Vol25 7) Thrive Ceramic Wall-Hanging, $360.00 USD, Studio Delve 8) Animal Alphabet Silkscreen Poster, $50.00 USD, Petit Collage 9) Summer of Love Limited Edition Print, $375.00, Ricki Mountain 10) Emma III Embroidery, $40.00 USD, Mary's Granddaughter 11) Pink Rocking Chair Block Print, $10.00, Nydam Press 12) Branch and Bird Art Quilt, $19.00 USD, Candied Fabrics 13) Three Water Towers Print, $20.00 USD, Michele Maule 14) Original Collage, $45.00 USD, Magic Jelly 15) East Original Painting, $100.00 USD, Kelcan 16) Roses Letterpress Print, $10.00, Lot9Press


jacqueline said...

I could feel like it's valentine's looking at these gorgeous prints! Thanks so much for sharing and thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes! Made me sooo very happy! Have a lovely merry happy week and lots of love to you!

ChicGeek - Lori said...

These have been great collections! I've enjoyed looking at all of them. Thanks for pulling them together and sharing!

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