art wall fix from renee anne

January 08, 2010

Is it weird to be in full-fledged Valentine mode with over a month to go? I love these pinkish dreamy images of Renee Anne's art walls. She is a talented artist/illustrator and apparently should add photographer to her list of can-do's. Of the polaroid collage, Renee states: "I would tell you where I got the idea, but I have seen it so many places, I wouldn't even know where to start." I'd say she did a pretty swell job of taking inspiration to realization. The second image is of Renee's entryway. Check out the actual image for artwork sources. Also see Renee Anne's Etsy shop: Art4Friends to view her handmade art.


renee anne said...

thank you so much for the feature! means a lot to me :)

Renee x

Jessica Nichols said...

Love the Polaroid gallery. I have never seen it before. I can't wait to build a good enough collection to do one myself.

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