i'm in the mood for love....part 2

January 06, 2010

One day later and I'm still in the mood for love, or maybe I'm in the mood for MORE love. This is the second of 2 Valentine's Day inspired assortments. From top left to bottom right: 1) Balance Encaustic Painting, $110 USD, lvhdesigns 2) Inspired by Phillip Lim, $200 USD, Dallas Shaw 3) Cora Hand-Screened Print, $19.00 USD Jen Skelley 4) Marguerite Daisy, $24.00USD, NatureMandalas 5) Birch Forest #11 Original Gouache Painting, $200.00 USD Lisa Congdon 6) Dreamer Camera Gocco/Collage, $18.00 USD, Leigh Wells 7) Winter Lovebirds Original Silhouette Papercutting $50.00 JennyLeeFowler 8) Fridays Child Fine Art Print, $35.00, Alicia Bock 9) I heart typewriters print, $20.00 USD, Vol. 25 10) Intimate Wedding Fine Art Photographic Print, $35.00 USD, Jennifer Squires 11) Pink Lilac Photographic Print, $28.00 USD, NatureMandalas 12) Perceptions Limited Edition Print, $18.00 USD, Jess Gonacha 13) Bicycle Block Print Card, $4.00 USD, Nydam Press 14) Specimen 1, $29.00 USD, Wondercabinet 15) Sweet Treats Pink Gocco Print, $10.00 USD, Orangebeautiful 16) Monsieur III Print, $30.00 USD, Blancucha


Jillian Frances said...

Love these selections, Katie. Pink and red is one of my favorite color combos. The peacock in the top row and the Lisa Congdon birches are definitely my favorites.

Jenny Lee Fowler said...

What a sweet collection. I especially love the red balloon.

jessica swift said...

Your collages of images are always the best, Katie. I love everything here!

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