thank you readymade and elle decoration

January 13, 2010

I am thrilled to the bone that Art Wall has received so much praise. I knew I loved the site and concept, but hearing positive feedback from the "higher-ups" sure makes my heart flutter. Both ReadyMade and Elle Decoration South Africa featured write-up's about Art Wall on their blogs this week. As a huge fan of both publications, I am truly honored. The best part of it all is the quality of wonderful submissions I receive post-press. It's doubly sweet because I get to share them all with you, soon. I can't wait!


ChicGeek - Lori said...

What great press! That's great! Congrats! :-)

Sarah said...

Bravo! Well-done.

Alison said...

That's amazing deserve it !

jessica swift said...

So so great, Katie. I'm so happy for you and the site's success so far! YES!

Jessica Nichols said...

Congrats Katie! It is so wonderful that you are getting this press coverage. You must be so proud!

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