happy birthday to me

March 29, 2010

I celebrated my thrity-(cough, cough!) birthday this weekend. Here's a little peek at what my celebration looked like this year:
1) This Owl Gocco Print was a "birthday money" self-purchase. I've been eyeing it for a while.
2) My monthly book club group met on Friday and ended with Pavlova, my favorite dessert of all time (made by Sarah). I also got a happy birthday song and candles! (Image: BBC GoodFood)
3) This fun tape is another birthday dough purchase. (Image: Note Maker)
4) Um, another birthday self-present from my local Anthropologie.
5) My parents-in-law sent me these 5 porcelain keys, after remembering my love for them in this post last year. How sweet.
6) Just one special chocolate post-dinner from David Bocco.
7) Dinner was my favorite Sushi in town: Murimoto.
8) The verdict is still out on the movie we saw: Greenberg. I think I liked it, I think?
9) After seeing these lovely but high-priced plates at Anthropologie I came home and found this one on Etsy for $20.00. Gotta love birthday money. I always do as I'm told and always "spend it on something fun."


Katie*Belle said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like you celebrated perfectly : )

brittany said...

My, my! Happy birthday Katie! I love the owl print

JenRem said...

Hooray - Happy Birthday my darling!

Art Wall Katie said...

Thank you, thank you :)

The Rotary said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a great weekend :)

nancyillustration.com said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to hear that it was filled with wonderful goodness!

Riki Zarris said...

Yay! Happy Birthday

snoweflake farm said...

Happy birthday!!! You scored!!!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday! You totally hit the present jackpot ;)

jacqueline said...

Yipeee Happy birthday sweet katie!! I LOVE all of your presents! Gorgeous gorgeous loot! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Yoko said...

Happy Birthday from Japan!

I'm Yoko.
Your beautiful blog makes me happy everyday,
so I'm looking forward to the update!

one sydney road said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a wonderful one - the dessert you had looks so yummy!!

alix said...

You are as gorgeous as your blog, lady lady.
I'm so thrilled we became pals this year....may 2010 bring you much happiness and laughter!!

(and mad amounts of comments....because c'mon people, we know you're reading, show a lil love!! haha)


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