my art wall completed (part 1 of 2)

March 17, 2010

Hooray! Part 1 (the entryway) is done for the most part. I'm thinking I might need to tighten up the right hand side a bit and push the letter box and polaroid up. I also think I need to add one more skeleton key but it's a good start for now. It would be nice to be greeted by this little cluster each time I entered my home. Too bad I almost always come in through the basement/garage. Not much to look at there besides a pile of laundry. Maybe I should change that. Some day.
If you missed the source list, see this post from Monday. I also added in the mummy cloth my dad brought back from Egypt in 1979--it's right there next to the horseshoe.


Rachel said...

I love this! I will no longer pass up that one of a kind plate that I love, but know I will never use for foodstuffs!

I just found your blog through the blog and am ecstatic to see that you are a fellow Madisonian! Love the site!

Sarah said...

lovely. lovely.

Kerry Pitt-Hart said...

beautifully done! am working on a wall in a stairway right now. you've inspired me to keep going with it!

Metal Wall Art said...

This is so unique yet attractive. It gives a different aura and expression in your wall. It suddenly turn your dull room into a stylish one without costing that much. Great job!

Plumbing said...

Great interaction with the wall. Great matching of different designs. All i can say is, this is really great!

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