tuesday's top 12: blog posts!

March 30, 2010

I was going to put this week's "Top 12" on hold this week as I am boarding an airplane and I'm a little busy to say the least. Instead, I decided to make today's tops a little list of my favorite blog posts from around the net recently.
1) This sweet post on baby names from mackin ink.
2) A pretty picture from pretty good.
3) Carmel-colored french images from Little Brown Pen.
4) A post on coloring easter eggs from Trula Kids.
5) An amazing tree house from studio G.
6) These sickeningly sweet photos from Liz Wolfe via Strawberry Lemonade Blog.
7) The newest Color Me Pretty post by guest-poster Leslie at Decor8.
8) A boston Terrier in a little striped top from the blah blah blahg.
9) A nameless beauty by jkldesign.
10) CreateGirl's Blog it Forward post.
11) My new obsession: Stripes! On pillows by Hettle.
12) Do-it-yourself pinhole camera by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.

So, that's my cheat-sheet for this week. I'm headed to a teensy weensy little house by the beach in a sleepy little town in California for the week. I've got some fun posts lined up but might also take a few days off. Ciao.


karey m. said...

happy 27th year...plus however many you wish to add! but your profile pic looks baby, for sure!

thanks for the link love. you know how i feel about your space, right? i like it very very much. i think it's pretty brilliant.

off to catch up! xoxo.

lou said...

that linky love is awesome. will check it out. what a fabulous idea. thanx for sharing

alix said...

Awesome collection of linkies....and enjoy your time off!!!

Creategirl said...

Happy Birthday and thanks SO much for including me in your list! Have a fantastic trip!

Trula said...

thank you for including me in the list. Have a great trip.

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