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July 23, 2010

So, like I said in last week's Fan Favorite's post, I'll be doing a light post every other friday from now on, with lots of links and fun stuff from around the web.

This cute bike restoration project is making me want to go to the St. Vinnie's bike sale this weekend. OK, I don't need any more projects right now. (Image: Mandi, Here's Lookin' at Me Kid)

I saw probably the prettiest necklace I've ever seen on Shoppingsmycardio this week: Christine Mighion. Ahhhdore!

This cute wedding in ...Madison, Wisconsin. Represent. Can you believe that car? (Image: m three studio)

I do not need a new bag, I do not need a new bag, I do not need a new bag. but I really, really, really still want this one.

This clock is way too sweet for words.

I've been looking into photography classes and considering Nicole's. I like a meaty class without the water, you know?

So, I just noticed everything is the same color. I think I may need an aqua intervention. Help!

Have a fun-filled weekend!



Anonymous said...

That bike is so beautiful! I looooove the colours in this post! :)

Silvana (Leefee Studio) said...

Gorgeous post, Katie! The bike is an absolute beauty. Love the bag, too. Just bought that awesome clock. Have a super weekend. :)

emily b said...

Let us know how your photography class goes. I've been looking for a good course to learn how to actually use my SLR camera beyond point-and-shoot. Nicole's class looks interesting!

Yup, I'm drooling over that bike.

Thanks for the post!

Lori said...

Lol, I thought you meant the post to be aqua. ;-) I loved the post and now I'm going to be stalking that necklace. Thanks a lot! ;-)

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