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July 22, 2010

I saw a fun post on Geninne's Art Blog a few days ago listing the contents of her bag and inviting readers to do the same. We all keep different essentials on hand and it's interesting to see what makes the cut for different people. Geninne's contents seem far more interesting and fun than mine but the grass is always greener, right? Here's what I can usually find in mine:

1) My favorite sunglasses of all time: Tom Ford Jennifer. This is my second pair. I bought the first ones with a deep employee discount in 2006. My daughter got her hands on them last summer and broke them in half in about 5 seconds. My husband replaced them for my birthday this year.
2) My business cards, letterpressed by The Mandate Press. The case is actually a playing card case from Pottery Barn from a few years back.
3) Fun green wallet I got from T.J. Maxx for a couple bucks. I love how easy it is to find in my bag because of the color.
4) My planner: Franklin Covey, customized with some vintage wallpaper.
5) My point and shoot camera in a little Anthropologie bag my friend Mary got me a few years back for Christmas.
6) I used to carry moleskins with me everywhere. I'm liking this smaller size better these days. This one is from Anthro, and has a cute little pocket on the inside front cover.
7) iPhone with an extra-lame expensive case I got from the phone shop. Lesson learned.
8) My essentials pouch (see below.) The pouch itself came as part of a travel-sized product set from Aveda.
9) Tracey Tanner change purse. This was my only purchase during my last visit to NYC. Weird, huh?

Essentials pouch. I didn't number this photo because I didn't think I needed to map everything out. It seemed much more self-explanatory. In order of importance:
1) My "No Mosquito" Spray. I love this! It's smells wonderful and is made from all different kinds of essential oils. The scent is sortof like mint-chocolate, I wish I could eat it. (From a local apothecary/pharmacy: Red Sage Health)
2) Earphones for my phone.
3) Dental floss. I absolutely hate it when I need this and am without it.
4) Pill case, with my favorite drug of all time: Advil.
5) Band-Aids. I don't think I've ever actually used these, I always forget I have them when I need them.
6) Emergency Altoids.
7) My favorite shade of Bobbi Brown lipgloss: Buff.
8) Emergency crappy emory board.
9) Random pen.
10) Emergency tweezers.
11) Emergency l'occitane hand lotion from some hotel.
12) Standard flavor (flavor?) Chap Stick.
13) Emergency barrettes and hair bands.
14) Tracey Tanner change purse.
15) Change.

So there you go. Not the most enlightening or profound post, but it was fun to put together and I also got organized in the process. What about you? What's in your bag?



emily b said...

I hear ya regarding the sunglasses vs. child problem. I'm on pair number 3 for the summer. I've decided I'm not going to spend more than $25 for sunglasses, the way the kiddo goes through them!

Very interesting post! (And I read Geninne's, too). I love the mix of colors when it's all laid out.

Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

I think I have that EXACT lip gloss! It is kind of sticky -right? A super nude!


Linz said...

aw you have such cute things in your bag! if you saw the contents of my bag, you'd cry. :(

Art Wall Katie said...

Jane-It is kinda sticky but I guess that's the way I like them. Emily-once these go bye-bye, I'm done. I thought my track record from 2006-2009 was good enough to warrant getting a new pair. Linz, I doubt that..

wall stikcers said...

Hi your bag is really cute! and looks amaizing,
Today I got inspiration to sort my bag :)

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