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July 08, 2010

Rachael Taylor of Rachael Taylor Designs has laced together a flowery style with colors and textures sure to spoil us all. She's hand-drawn and designed all of her patterns from her studio in the U.K. The patterns can be found on lamp shades, wrapping paper, cards, bags, home-goods, clothing and wrapped canvas. Today Rachael will share a little on process.

(AW) How long have you been in design?
(RT) I graduated with a BA honors degree in Textile and Fashion Design in 2005, and I have always loved art and design since a young age. I've always been a very creative person.

(AW) What makes a successful design, in your eyes?
(RT) Originality - something that's a bit different and less ordered. I appreciate it when the designer's passion and personality come through in a piece. Designs that are a bit more experimental and less commercial always appeal to me more. I love color! A striking palette can really grab me instantly.

(AW) To what extent does photography play a roll in your work?
(RT) I've always worked as a surface designer since leaving UNI. However, in the last two years I've really developed and gained more confidence in myself and trusted my instincts more. I studied art in college and that path seemed to naturally progress for me. I also love drama and dance, and anything that involves creativity.

(AW) What's your take on marketing versus making?
(RT) You definitely have to get the balance right between the designing/making and the marketing. Marketing really does work, if you have worked on something you're proud of, you need to get it out there and spread the word. So others can appreciate it, I've generated a few new clients from just people following me on Twitter, etc. I also love the honesty that people give you, as really you are putting your work out there to be judged, which is a bit intimidating, but if you receive genuine great feedback, it makes you realize that there's a market for you. I'm genuinely flattered every time I receive any nice comments. Marketing can distract from the designing, so you have to get a plan that works for you. I set myself weekly goals that are achievable.

(AW) Yes - the "weekly goal" seems to be my ticket to creativity this summer - working full time tends to take from my creativity, but I want to keep making things. What inspires you to make your work?
(RT) Anything goes with my work. I try to let things just come to me naturally. I go out walking with my camera, then sit and draw in my sketchbook for days. I try not to restrict myself in any way. Half the time it depends on what mood I'm in, and music really influences my work. I have my music playing really loud and generally just get doodling and see what happens.

(AW) And your routine seems to be liberating some wonderful ideas after all! Thanks for stopping in Rachael.

Rachael's prints, "Layered Foliage and Leaves" and "50's Inspired Quirky Print," are in the Porch on Art Wall. Stop by her Etsy shop for more prints and the like, and take a peep at her blog for some cheerful imagery and updates.

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Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

rachael is one very talented gal. i'm impressed that she's designed such a broad product line! it's beautiful.

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