tuesday's top 12: letters

August 17, 2010

A day late, but not to worry, this week's top 12 is tops. Putting together the "numerals" post way-back-when was one of my favorite assortments. I'm not sure why I haven't done letters until now but regardless, here here's the best 12 around:

1) Alphabet, $50.00, Bookhou
2) Cartoon Table, $120.00, Cecilia Felli
3) Letter Candle Balls, $34.00, Perch!
4) Alphabet Soup, $28.00, ModernPOP

5) Graphic Vintage Eye Chart, $85.00, Alphabetcocktail
6) Vintage School Alphabet Card, $130.00, Oliverpoodle
7) Vintage Large Blue Wooden Letter N, $74.00, Modishvintage
8) Alphabetic Ode to Helvetica, $30, ModernPOP

9) 45 Alphabet Blocks, $42.00, TheClassicFarmHouse
10) I Heart Typography Letterpress, $22.00, Nick Schmitz
11) ABC Love Print, $45.00, MadeByGirl
12) XL Notebook, $26.00, Chickabird



Stacy @ DesignSomethingBetter said...

Ooohhh... I NEED that notebook... gorgeous with a spot to tuck a pencil? Delightful. Thanks for sharing.

PS. I have been reading for a while and really enjoy your blog! It is so lovely. Yay - Katie!

Katy said...

love all these items! Thanks much for including my blocks in your fav 12! Blessings, Katy PS so glad i found your blog :0)

Morolong said...

Thank goodness, I found your blog.
S'wonderful stuff, you have on here!

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