the dresser search begins

September 23, 2010

So, remember my post about updating my 2+ year old's nursery? Part of the plan was to find an inexpensive antique or vintage dresser and paint it navy and update the hardware. I found a few options and think I came up with a solution, though I have yet to pull the trigger.

This already-painted dresser was maybe a little too small but the right height. At $125.00, the price is nice.

This is actually a buffet meant for the dining room, it's in really bad shape and the price seemed high to me at $125.00 for how damaged it is. The veneer is coming off and the top is badly water-damaged.

I really like the shape of this dresser. It's painted already but the wrong colors. The price is high-ish at $185.00. The shop owner explained that the seller (it's an antique mall) priced it due to the expensive drawer pulls, but I wouldn't be able to use them because of the color so this option is pretty-much out.

I really liked this dresser. The drawer space, the shape, the price ($100) and color (black) but it's too tall for Polly's would be 10 years before she was able to use the top drawers. After a lot of thought, I decided it could still work if I passed down the little white dresser from my room, and gift myself the new dresser. I hope it's still there!

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