top 12: checking in with fall activities

October 27, 2010

Remembering this top 12 post that I did a few weeks ago, I thought I'd go through and see how I'm doing on my to-do list so far, I've only got a few weeks left.
1) Schuster's Farm--Done. Loved every minute of it! We took a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins, walked unsuccessfully through a corn maze (ending up where we started,) saw the sweetest animals, took a family trampoline jump, and ate the yummiest carmel apple sundae ever.
2) Pumpkins carved.
3) Marshmallows roasted.
4) Umm, I think I'm skipping fall gardening this year (not done.)
5) Pretty trees seen.
6) Hot cider and hot chocolate sipped. I decided I don't like pumpkin lattes, blech.
7) I've eaten lots of yummy soups but made none (50% done.)
8) Rain walk? It hasn't rained! (not done.)
9) I only went to one tailgate/game this season but I think I picked the right one.
10) Fireplace booted-up and enjoyed.
11) Boots worn.
12) Sweaters donned.



Sarah said...

Sweet P looks too cute in her bumblebee outfit! I would say you had a really good fall -- here's to a cozy winter!

Anonymous said...

Aww...that little cutie is having LOTs of fun! Sounds like all 3.5 of you are having a great Fall!

annamaria potamiti said...

Sounds like you are on top of that list...and I think I will send you some rain over- we 've got lots here!!!xx

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