tuesday's top twelve: my 2011 intentions (on a wednesday)

January 05, 2011

I don't like the word resolution, it connotes "things that you plan on doing but don't" so I think I'll use the word "intentions" instead this year.

1) Finish (and well, start) window treatments for my girl's room using this fabric I already ordered. Image

2) Answer my phone when it rings

3) Do weekly meal/menu plans, and stick to a weekly food budget instead of going to the grocery store with no list or plan. You can download this cool menu planner from futuregirl here, I just did!

4) Have a baby boy. Image

5) Finish all painting projects including:
the small amount of wood-toned trim left in my house
kids table and chairs
polly's doors
polly's rocking chair
polly's side table
polly's closet
boy's dresser
entryway (finish up)
basement (finish up)

6) Track all spending on a weekly basis.

7) Try to get out and enjoy the winter (snow shoeing, cross-country skiing.) Image.

8) Listen to more music. Image.

9) Print out pictures from the last, oh 6 or so years and put them in photo box or album. Image.

10) Use what I already have. No more supplies! Also included is returning things when they don't work out, especially to the hardware store.

11) Continue learning about and working on my photography. I've got a long way to go but have also come a long way. Image.

12) Throw a fun party. Why not? Image


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Silvana said...

These are great "intentions", Katie. Incredibly similar to mine (including having a little boy!). I think preparing for a child definitely plants the nesting and organization bugs. It also makes you think about what you're doing to be the best person you can be, don't you think? Here's to a year filled with everything you hope for. x

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