my top 12 etsy purchases to date

February 01, 2011

I was looking through the "purchases" section of my Etsy this weekend and realized that so many of the purchases I had made over the past few years were still making me happy every day. It was really hard to narrow it down but here's a list of my very favorite 12:

1) Seeing these in the nursery every day is like having a may pole or a carosel in the room, how could they not make me happy? $36.00 MyFavouriteDress
2) This guy is just so cheery and cute. Whenever I find him in the toy basket I grab him out and stick him on a shelf or stool, he deserves a showcase, don't you think? $30.00 Buttercupbloom
3) I picked these as part of my top 12 simply because I had been searching for them for so long. The $20 price tag didn't hurt, either. I painted them turquoise and hung them in my kitchen. PattisPolkaDots.
4) $30 for a giant, hand-letterpressed perfect sentiment. I own this in grey and yellow. Hijirik
5) A larger scale Alicia Bock print, perfect for my porthole frame. $50 AliciaBock
6) I know I should stick this in my daughter's room, but I'm keeping it for myself for now. $46 Neawear.

7) This sweet little bird is on display in my girl's room. Her bonnet is made of tissue paper. $25, KidsHaus
8) Can you tell I love to decorate kids' rooms? This is also a great new-baby gift, from Emilie Friday, $32.00.
9) Michele Maule is definitely a favorite, I have her Seven Wishes Screenprint ($15) and ...
10)...original mixed-media painting ($125). They're both in my entryway art wall.
11) This is one of my most recent purchases. The colors of the screenprinted hearts on this napkin are so unusual and bright, and the linen is so pretty. I'm a little sad that it's sitting in a drawer, waiting to be used for a dinner roll basket. I may need to get the tea towel and put it out on display. $14 lineacarta
12) I own two very similar original paintings by this artist and have them hanging together. $75 JKirchgraber. It looks like I've been his only customer.

So, what have been your top 12 purchases to date?

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Jessica Nichols said...

I feel so sad that you are that artists's only customer so far. His shop is empty right now. I wonder if he got too discouraged. I feel for him!

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