pining four: nursery re-do items

February 04, 2011

One thing that's really helping me get in the mood to birth this little boy is prepping his nursery. I must admit, I enjoy the girlie frillies and pretties a little more, but it's still been fun to make the room just right for this little mister.
1) I think this star egg nightlight from J. Schatz would look perfect in the boy's room. (found via cup of jo)
2) This mounted original from papersparrow is around the same price I'd pay for a print plus a frame, a great deal at $50.00, and it's sooo sweet. See papersparrow's other originals here.
3) I'm not sure who the bla bla dolls are really for: me or the kiddos. I just think they are irresistible.
4) I used these for my girl and they worked perfectly. I used the smallest one for her care kit, the largest one to keep a year+ worth of cards and the middle one for incidentals.

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