sweet p's toddler room is finally finished

March 16, 2011

It's actually been finished for a while now, it just took some time to snap the pictures. The room is on the smaller size, and has some weird angles as you'll see so it's hard to get a good perspective on it. I have the full set of room images on flickr, and also some before/after projects from the room.

I reupholstered the seat of this chair in a class I took a while back. It sat in my basement for 3 years, then I finally gave it to a pro to finish up for $150.00.

This was my bed growing up. I made a decal of sorts using regular text-weight paper, navy blue acrylic paint and adhered it with Xyron. I was going to paint it straight onto the bed but I got scared...and wise.

It's a little crowded with the table/chairs added but it's probably the thing that keeps her playing in here the longest. She loves to prepare meals and tea parties for her babies.

These shelves are made from the tops of doorways (not sure what they are called.) They came from a salvage yard in Illinois, and were from a University building at my alma mater: U of I. I had these for probably 6 years before I did anything with them. The other 2 are up for grabs, I'm not sure I can hold onto them for a another 6 years.

Painted table and chairs...one of the "to do" items on my 2011 intentions list, check!

A well-used reading nook with room for babies and kitties, too.

A very hard to find navy lampshade, etsy lamp, and vintage owl night light (also from etsy.)

The original inspiration board. The only thing I didn't do was include the pink bins. I didn't have a place for them once everything was in the room.



Em-Jae said...

Omg, ridiculously adorable. I would have LOVED this as a girl -- actually, I'd probably still love it now. Ha!
About the crowdedness, keep in mind that what feels crowded for you may not feel crowded for her; kids tend to feel space a little different than their grown-up counterparts ;]
Amazing work!!

Unknown said...

Love it, what a terrific space, great color, meaningful pieces, the whole enchilada!


melody miller said...

This is the loveliest most magical toddler room ever! My goodness, I want to live in such a beautiful room. Great work.

emily b said...

It's so fantastic, Katie! Your little girl is so lucky to have such a stylish mommy! I love how it all came together, and so true to the mood board!

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