I'm back, and my newest craigslist find

May 27, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack. For now, anyway. I had forgotten how hard it is to do anything with a newborn. This little guy is not a fan of being put down so my hands are tied approximately 15 hours per day. Fun!

I've discovered a great one-handed past time (via Marcy Davy of All Things Grow) called Craigs Easy. It allows you to search Craigslist in pictures vs. clicking on every link. If you haven't tried it yet, do it now. The image above is a screenshot of the site in action.

I had basically given up on Craigslist out of lack of time and patience unless I had something really specific I was looking for, but this new little discovery helped me find this new chair for my girl's room for $150.00. It is pretty much the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in and the upholstery is in perfect shape. I'm not sure how long it will stay in her room, though. My favorite part of the chair is the back, and it's not showcased (or even seen) in its current home.
I really liked the green chair I had in her room before, but it is 1/2 of a pair of chairs (also a craigslist find.) I've signed up for the next MATC upholstery class so I plan on finishing up the 2nd chair and putting them together in the living room. I really like pairs of chairs together.

I've got a few other little things going on but my boy is up now so I'll pop back later. Have a great Friday!


emily b said...

I've been watching that black Eames chair. I totally want it...but can't justify a new office chair when I just bought a new one last year!

Glad to have you back, by the way. I hope you're doing well with the little one!

Maia McDonald said...

Hi Katie, I just happened across your blog and completely fell in love. Also this craigs easy is the most amazing thing ever, it's blowing my mind! Congratulations on the new addition as well, you need to come visit us sometime at work and show off your adorable babies :)
-Maia (your former cubicle neighbor)

elissa :: ebb & flow said...

craigs easy is the only way to search craigslist. i love it. being a visual person it saves me TONS of time.

honeyclarck said...

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JohnOliver said...

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