newly painted dining room and upholstered shield back chairs

April 30, 2012

What have I been doing for the past three months?  Painting my dining room...with an artist's brush, just  a few tiny strokes per day.  Actually, I've been working out of the home since the beginning of February but I did paint my dining room during my hiatus.  I am in absolute love with the color.  It's called Deep Sea Depths by Benjamin Moore.  I had it color matched to Sherwin Williams Duration paint because I like it and I get a family employee discount there.  My husband actually did most of the painting, it was his birthday present to me.  He's a really great cutter-inner, much more patient than I am.  Here's what it looked like before.

I've also been working on my dining room chairs.  I bought them just a little over a year ago, I actually have two sets of shield-back chairs for a total of 11.  I have 6 completed and plan to finish at least 2 more to flank the buffet.  I'm not sure if I'll keep going after that or not, they're labor intensive, and I'm not convinced it's really worth all that work for the (very seldom) occasion that I have more than 8 people seated 'round my table.   I may go into more detail about how I upholstered them (inspired by a Pure Design episode) if anyone is curious.  I didn't take process photos but I could with the next few.

The balloon centerpiece and chinese lanterns are left over from a birthday dinner I threw for a few friends last weekend.  Hosting the celebration was what helped me get in gear to finish up the chairs and paint, I work well with under pressure.  Now I need a new deadline for my next round of to-do's.  Anyone have a birthday or any other special occasion coming up?



emily b said...

Those chairs are gorgeous! You are totally inspiring me to finally reupholster mine...

Anonymous said...

Love your chairs, they are gorgeous! Can you please post how you upholstered them. I would definitely like to try this with my own set.

Anonymous said...

where did you get those lanterns from? online? they are sublime!

Unknown said...

You have done great work, chairs looking great; it's looking nice to back side, and you have decorated the dining room so unique, it also have great look, wheat grass and balloons everything is making interiors look more attractive.

wall art decoration

Art Wall Katie said...

Hi it's Katie here. Someone had asked about the paint. It's discontinued now from Ben Moore but they might still have the formula and could do a custom color! It's beatiful!

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