my 2011 intentions, how am I doing?

June 01, 2011

Since we are one month away from being half done with 2011, I wanted to go through my year's intentions I think I'm doing pretty well...
1) Finish curtains for my girl's room, check
2) Answer my phone more, I'm doing much, much better with this and now I don't need to return nearly as many phone calls, what a bonus!
3) Weekly meal planning was going really well until the boy came along. It's on hold for now.
4) I did have a baby boy, a pretty cute one, I might add.
5) My painting projects are on-going. I did finish Polly's doors, her side table, the entryway and basement. I have yet to do her closet and rocking chair.
6) I've been lousy at tracking spending. I only did it one month and I think it depressed me too much. Maybe I'll resume it, but probably not.
7) I didn't really do much to enjoy the winter. Maybe next year.
8) I am listening to more music and enjoying it thoroughly.
9) So far I have printed out about a year and a half's worth of pictures. Only 9.5 more to go! It was pretty easy, actually, I just highlighted the images I wanted in iPhoto, then uploaded them to flickr as private, then chose to print them through snapfish (the two are linked.) So far, they are in order in a photobox.
10) I've been doing a good job of using the supplies that I have. Tucker's thank you cards were made out of old supplies and I'm doing his announcements using old A6 envelopes.
11) Photography progress: I bought and am reading Nicole's Photo 101 book, and it has been a great refresher and motivator. I want to take one of her classes, too, once I have a bit more time hands-free.
12) Party? Not yet. Still got 7 months for that one.
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Sonja said...

hey I just came across your website today, it's so so so awesome! I love it! I had to share. :o)

Wall art said...

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered this blog, what a find! Some brilliant posts and tips on homely crafty things. Keep up the good work, whenever you get a minute away from the little one!

Laura Di Francesco said...

Hurra! A well done blog for all the illustrators like me that loves to find new inspirations!!

Thank you for sharing these lovely posts!

//Laura Di Francesco - Sweden

wall art said...

No. 8 sounds very fascinating! You mind sharing your favorite genre?

JohnOliver said...

I have bookmarked the page it is too good to have.
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